Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Evil

No New Year's Party, I got a pen and a pad scribblin'
Rhymes that keep me calm like 10 bad kids on Ritalin

some people shoot guns, other people cook chitterlings
Me, I'll take time to try and fit some new lyrics in
Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest no longer pleases me
I turn off the Tv, Turn up the beats please
Not standing in the club when the calendar changes
the pen quenches my pages, people drinking champagne
The ball's gonna drop even if I don't watch
Midnight gonna come, I ain't lookin' at the clock
We've exceeded the Jetsons, 2000 and 10
Still can't fix the diff between men and women
Tasmanian Devils dying, Yemen niggas trying
sneaking bombs in they drawers, when they try to fly and
wait for 72 virgins,
no balls, no dick
but Fox News still calls 'em insurgents
3 more years with a black president
really don't matter 'cause they're all politicians
not really hatin', but he ain't Jesus or an angel
just another politician, and they all got angles
but fuck that Obama's still cool with me,
just sayin' fuck that ain't nobody foolin' me
so i'm sayin' ya'll can pray for a re-election
but, me i'm 'bout to move to a whole different section
so i'll say it for facebook, youtube, and the cameras
3 years, ya'll can find my black ass up in Canada

1 comment:

  1. cutting review of a year pocked with bullshit, I took to staying home myself!!